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    Appel à projets interne 2017

    3rd Internal Call for Projects  Searches - 2017.

    This call for projects aims main aim to cause the construction of research projects collaboratifs multi-field meeting the needs for the actors of tourism (undertaken groupings, federations, territories) and carried by the founder members and associated RFI Angers TourismLab.

    The team of Angers TourismLab. you thanks by advance for your contributions and in priority the academic partners ligériens invites you to mobilize which you need for Co-construction for your projects, partners who will come to enrich the circle by the associated members from the RFI Angers TourismLab. 


    The return of the files of presentation is expected for March 6th, 2017 12:00.

    A letter of intent of the carriers of projects is required to for February 6th, 2017


    Do not hesitate to contact the referents of the RFI Angers TourismLab. for more information or accompaniment in the formulation of your answers by addressing your requests at the address following:


    The documents:

    API2017 Specifications 

    API2017 Projected budget

    API2017 Project R

    API2017 Pre project R



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    The Action Plan

    image Recherche
    The objectives:
    • To compile a situational analysis of the tourism researches in France and around the world; to establish a cartography of available competences within partner laboratories.
    • To encourage the emergence and steer the construction of collaborative, multidisciplinary, inter-institutional research projects with the participation of professional actors, specifically through the internal calls of projects.
    • To accompany the researchers who respond to the calls of international (ANR) projects and H2020 (European).
    • To steer the construction project of multidisciplinary research federation in tourism of Grand West with the interested institutions (identification of the actors, definition of the scientific project, etc.)


    The internal call for projets searches - 2015

    7 collaborative research projects have been selected. They are concerned with


    Title of project – project carriers

    Reserved sponsor

    Maximum reserved support

    Concerned laboratory


    Creativity and innovation in the industry of meetings and events


    University of Angers

    60,000 euros

    1 post-doctor

    Supporting laboratory: GRANEM (UA), Partner laboratory: ESO (UA)


    Marine heritage and cultural landscape


    Region Pays de la Loire

    55,000 euros

    1 doctor (1 half-thesis co-funded by UM)

    University of Maine

    Supporting laboratory: CReAAH


    Tourism, work and emotion: international research program


    Region Pays de la Loire

    110,000 euros

    1 doctor

    Supporting laboratory : GRANEM (UA)


    Vegetal tourism, innovation and local identities


    Region Pays de la Loire

    55,000 euros

    1 post-doctor

    Supporting laboratory : GRANEM (UA), Partner laboratory : ESO (UA)


    Social and local integration facing to touristic development. The example of Bacalar in the Quintana Roo (Mexico)


    Region Pays de la Loire

    50,000 euros

    1 post-doctor

    Supporting laboratory : ESO (UA)


    Hotel and restaurant: which strategy for which experience?

    S. CAMUS

    Region Pays de la Loire

    110,000 euros

    1 doctor

    Supporting laboratory : GRANEM (UA)


    Round trip in tourism and health


    Region Pays de la Loire

    25,000 euros

    Supporting laboratory : ESO (UA)


    The internal call for projets searches - 2016

    4 collaborative research projects have been selected. They are concerned with

    The ambitions of Research section

    Create and insert a multi disciplinary research team in the network (particularly from the Unité Mixte de Recherche with the CNRS of Laboratory Espaces and Société and from the laboratory Groupe de Recherche Angevine en Economie et Management), which will be comparable with the largest international research centers in terms of scale, by developing the excellence, the insertion into the network and the links with the enterprises


    The principal expected results in 2020 are:

    • A double of research team scale (equivalent to a team with 60 teacher-researchers, researchers and doctors)
    • The creation of a research federation in Tourism of Grand West
    • An internationally leading achievement thanks to the partnership rooted in Asia and Northern America.


    The scientific projects are based on 3 topics of research:

    • Accessibility to the tourism in emerging societies
    • Diversification of behaviors, local strategies and organizational management
    • Economic and touristic valuation of culture and heritage


    It is completed by 5 transversal themes:

    • The territory and the impact of tourism in terms of structuration
    • The digital technology, the new usages and the self-developed tools
    • The mobility and the transport
    • The human resources
    • The optimization of the value of enterprises and territory.