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Angers TourismLab.

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    The Actions Plan

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    The objectives:

    To add value to academic competences of partners in terms of:

    • Encouraging socioeconomic partners to recruit the researchers, to support the professorship or to sign collaborative contracts with the laboratories, especially through the meeting days with laboratory-enterprises in the future.
    • Supporting the scientific communities to organize or participate in the international congress and to co-publish articles on international review committees’ journals.

    To support the Tourism InnovationLab. during its structuring phase.

    To mobilize the existing tools in favor of tourism sectors:

    • The student entrepreneurship (We forge, Les Entrepreneuriales…)
    • The creation of enterprises
    • The innovative products or service (Maturation de Projets Innovants en Anjou, incubators…)


    The challenge of Angers TourismLab. is to bring together the responses of the actors interested in the tourism market (teacher-researchers, students, enterprises, collectivities, associations, federations) from the detection of projects to the implementation in the market, by working with the already-existing local institutions.

    In consequence, the target audiences are varied as their understanding about the valuation and the innovation in the tourism improved, as well as the possible action field of Angers TourismLab.

    Tourism InnovationLab.

    The ambitions of Innovation section

    Introduce an ecosystem of completed innovation around the tourism

    in the process of research valuation, as well as in the development of an innovative culture in the enterprises and tourist destinations by building relation with the actors of research/ training and innovation (technology centers, centers of competences, regional innovation platforms PRI, incubators, Ouest Valorisation, development agencies…)

    The principal expected results are:

    • A reinforcement of the collaborative research activities with the development of service contract and the CIFRE scholarship in enterprises or the creation of professorship in enterprises.
    • The creation of an innovation cluster with a strong improvement of innovation in enterprises or tourist destinations.
    • The creation of start-up and the support offered to the student entrepreneurship.