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Angers TourismLab.

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    Some pictures of Loire Valley and of Summer Schools 2016 in Angers

    Angers city center - Place du Ralliement
    Angers city center - Place du Ralliement
    Opening ceremony Summer Schools Angers
    Group picture
    Closing ceremony Summer Schools Angers 2016
    Château d'Angers
    Château de Chenonceau
    French way of life
    French picnic Summer Schools Angers 2016
    Visit of Paris Summer Schools Angers 2016
    Visit of Paris Summer Schools Angers 2016 - 2
    Loire Valley wine
    Closing ceremony Summer Schools Angers 2016
    Kayak session Summer Schools Angers 2016
    Kayak session
    Loire Valley cycle route
    Vineyard in Angers
    Festival Tempo Rives, Angers
    Loire Valley wine
    Angers city center
    Tourism Summer School in Angers, France

    Tourism Summer School

    Tourism Summer School

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    In ANGERS and Loire Valley
    from 26th of June till 7th of July 2017


    Study in the main European University in TOURISM


    Discover France and Loire Valley

    France is the world's leading tourist destination, and Loire Valley is the third most popular tourist destination in France after Paris and the Riviera. It is known for its wine, impressive Châteaux (castles) and gardens.


    Live in Angers
    • Ranked N°1 in the best places to live in France
    • Discover a relaxed quality of life and excellent restaurants
    • Surrounded by the world-famous Anjou vineyards
    • Unique heritage: Angers Castle, the Apocalypse Tapestry (the largest medieval tapestry in the world)
    • Home of Cointreau distillery
    • France's leading city for the Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Award of label French Tech
    • 90 minutes from Paris by the high-speed TGV
    • 38.000 students
    Study in:
    • ESTHUA, the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the University of Angers: First place for Tourism and Hospitality studies in Europe: 3000 students with 30% of international students
    • Maine-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry with professional facilities and a professional team (Head Chef, sommelier…)


    Study programme

    Tourism Summer School is scheduled over two weeks of intensive courses including lectures, workshops and visits to provide an overview on culinary tourism and heritage in Pays de la Loire region. 

    Week 1 : 26-30 June

    Week 2: 3-7 July

    University of Angers (ESTHUA):

    Enhancement of the historical
    and cultural heritage

    Maine et Loire CCI

    French Culinary Arts:
    More Than Wine and Bread

    The first week in ESTHUA is dedicated to historical and natural heritage of Angers and its region (Chateaux of the Loire Valley, Nantes, Atlantic Coast, Puy du fou theme park). The second week, in the Maine-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a real opportunity to discover French cuisine with cooking lessons with Chefs and wine tasting workshops.


    • French Culinary Art & Gastronomy
    • The basis of wine tasting
    • The French conception of food
    • Presentation of local products
    • Discovery of a typical French market and creation of a menu
    • Creation of a cocktail with local liquors
    • The Harmony between food and wine
    • The Loire valley wine region
    • Heritage of regional cities
    • Enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage
    • The Architecture of the City
    • Heritage and Theme park: Puy du Fou
    • Industrial heritage of Nantes


    • Several food and wine tasting sessions
    • Cooking workshops with a Chef


    • Angers Old town
    • Nantes (The sixth largest town in France)
    • Châteaux of the Loire Valley (Château de Chambord, Château de Chenonceau)
    • Puy du Fou (second most popular theme park in France after Disneyland Paris – received the Thea Classic Award 2012, Oscar for best park in the world)
    • Fontevraud Royal Abbey (The largest abbey in Europe)
    • Saumur (surrounded by the vineyards which produce some of France's finest wines)
    • Ackerman wine cellar
    • Cointreau distillery
    • Atlantic Coast (La Baule: one of the world’s most beautiful bays)


    Professors and experts

    First week:

    • Marie-Agnès CARRE-POYET, Lecturer at ESTHUA, expert on tourism and historical heritage
    • Claire MANDIN, Lecturer at ESTHUA, expert on enhancement of historical and cultural heritage
    • Jean-René MORICE, Professor at ESTHUA, expert on tourism, heritage and culture

    Second week:

    • Christian COUINEAU, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Chef
    • Brice GUERIN, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Chef
    • Didier PEAN, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Expert bar and cocktail
    • Christophe POITEVIN, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Sommelier
    • Mireille ROUQUETTE, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Pastry Chef
    • Mathias SALESSES, trainer at Maine-et-Loire CCI, Chef



    The Tourism Summer School offers:  

    • Strong theoretical and practical skills for the future professional of tourism
    • Active learning in the 1st most-visited country in the world (more than 80 million international tourists every year)
    • An overview on French food and wine
    • Discovery of the role of gastronomy in touristic attractiveness
    • Opportunity to discover the outstanding nature, culture and architecture of the Pays de la Loire region
    • Sharing of views and experiences with fellow students from around the world


    Practical information


    • To be registered as a student (Bachelor or Master)
    • To have at least an intermediate level of English (the Tourism Summer School will be entirely in English)
    • Related experience or diploma in tourism will be appreciated

    Cost of programme: 1800€

    What does fees include?

    • Tuition
    • Accommodation in Angers (a single room with toilet, bathroom and kitchen) from Sunday 25th of June until Saturday 8th of July.
    • 10 lunches (during the week) in cafeteria or restaurant
    • 1 dinner in restaurant
    • Transport (local transport in Angers and for excursions)
    • Field visits (incl. entrance fees and guide tours)
    • Some social activities

    Tourism Summer School does not cover the cost of passport, visa, health insurance, travel to and from Angers, breakfast, meal during week-end and dinner (except one).


    Contact details

    Guillaume LE VIGUELOUX                              Clémence RATEL
    Tourism Summer School coordinator             Internationational project manager
    +                                          +

    guillaume.levigueloux@univ-angers.fr (guillaume.levigueloux @ univ-angers.fr)

    angers.tourismlab@contact.univ-angers.fr (angers.tourismlab @ contact.univ-angers.fr)

    Angers TourismLab.
    UFR ESTHUA Tourism and Culture / University of Angers
    7 allée François Mitterrand - BP 40455 - 49004 ANGERS - FRANCE


    Online application form


    Information and documents:

    Summer School 2017 teaser

    Summer School teaser


    Tourism Summer School 2017 booklet

     Download the Booklet


    Online application Form

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